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Get The Most From Your Mentor/Startup Relationship

Starting a business from scratch is a major undertaking. Along the way come many bumps in the road that can often throw them off track. One of the most valuable resources to a start up company is a mentor - they can guide you, coach you, and give you real-world advice from their years of experience. In order for a successful mentorship to form, it is important that the mentee understands how to effectively work with a mentor. From our experiencing deep-diving into plenty of portfolios, here are some things to keep in mind during your interaction with your mentor:

Become The Best Angel Investor You Can Be With These Tips

Investment makes the business world go round, whether it is done to give back to your community and/or for profit. However, it’s not something to jump into on a whim. Investing takes time, dedication, and a well thought plan. Here are some tips that can help you become a more successful investor.

If You Want Your Startup To Be Successful, You Need To Do These Things

Hundreds of new startups are launched every day, and if you want to be successful, you need to figure out how to stand out from the rest. But standing out doesn’t mean that you need a flashy product or outlandish advertising scheme - it means you’ve covered your bases and are well prepared for what’s to come.

Four things that will help ensure you stand out:

Disclaimer: This is not the typical, generic internship.


Disclaimer: This is not the typical, generic internship.

If you are looking for an internship that's only about making copies and do coffee errands, this is not for you.

Is An Accelerator Right For You?

Many startups have trouble continuing to find the necessary amount of funding after launching, mainly due to lack of connections. This is the point when the majority of startups fail and a big reason accelerators are attractive.  

The purpose of an accelerator is to guide your business through this stage, and help you become the independent company you strive to become. Partnering with an accelerator is an investment in your company and a valuable learning experience for you. The accelerator’s goal is to break your company free of the restraints holding it below your competition.

Become a Better Mentor in 3 Steps

Starting a business is a bit daunting for new entrepreneurs. A big way to ease some of that pain and confusion is through the opportunity to connect with and learn from a mentor. But in order for them to gain the most from this opportunity, it is important the mentor also knows how to set a good example and aid their mentee to success. Consider these three tips when you mentor a startup to have the best impact possible on your mentee.

What No One Tells You About Angel Investing

Becoming an angel investor is a wonderful initiative - it helps companies, it helps entrepreneurs, it helps your portfolio, and it helps your community. However, like anything it else, it comes with its problems. People don’t often like to discuss these problems, but ignoring them won’t make them go away.

The best thing you can do is to be fully prepared for all circumstances as an angel investor. If you’re new to the investor space or just want to make sure you have all your bases covered, here are two of the most common issues no one wants to tell you about angel investing.

Meet Our Interns: Sean, Daniel, Alex, Alyssa, Doug and Arya

Here at Tech Wildcatters, our interns help us get amazing things done. (Seriously, a lot of things). And now it's time for you to meet them.

CEO Spotlight: Jason Taylor, Code Authority/CodeLaunch

Q: What's the first thing you do in the morning?

Message from Our Newest Partner: CodeLaunch

Tech Wildcatters and CodeLaunch are symbiotic amenities in the North Texas entrepreneurism ecosystem, which is one reason why CodeLaunch is thrilled to be partnered with Tech Wildcatters. CodeLaunch is an annual seed accelerator which pairs embryonic stage software technology startups with software developers and entrepreneurs. CodeLaunch was created and is produced by Frisco, TX based Code Authority and a family of entrepreneurial minded sponsors and partners.