If you’ve started your own business, you’re familiar with late nights and early mornings, the painstaking brainstorming sessions, and the constant feeling that you’re falling behind.  There’s also that constant nagging feeling that if you could just get an extra hand or another perspective, you’d be on track. While it is clear that a startup can benefit greatly from mentorship, few consider the benefits from the other side. What can you gain from becoming a startup mentor? Mentoring can be a truly rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. The collaborative process creates an environment for shared learning, allowing you to utilize your past experience, entrepreneurial prowess and rolodex to strengthen existing relationships and to build ones.

Giving Back to Your Community

There are likely many undiscovered opportunities to offer mentorship within your community. As an entrepreneur, you have faced the challenges many young companies are facing today, and you can add significant value by utilizing your connections and knowledge to support young entrepreneurs in your community. With new companies popping up left and right, there is always someone looking for guidance and resources to develop their ideas and uncover their value proposition.  Becoming a mentor gives you the opportunity to do exactly this, offer a hand to the up and coming entrepreneurs and keep them on track for success.

Opportunity to Learn

The mentoring process not only supports the mentee, but can support professional growth for the mentor too. Every company has its challenges, and it’s the mentor’s job to provide perspective and guidance over each hurdle.  But with technology and processes constantly evolving, there’s no end to the amount of experience a mentor can gain. Don’t underestimate your mentee’s ability to teach you along the way too.


“The best thing for me about working with startups is that it keeps me on my toes. I'm continually being introduced to new spaces and ideas, which keeps life interesting for sure."

- Joe Zylka


Creating New Connections

By becoming a mentor, you will take on new challenges and garnish new opportunities for growth as an entrepreneur. So long as you stay engaged in the startup community, there is no limit to the number of connections you can make. Networking is essential to success in any industry, and mentoring can provide you the opportunity to build connections in new markets.  Not to mention, mentorship builds on itself. By working with startup companies in different stages of development, you will connect with others in similar growth stages that will provide more opportunities for you to give back.

Working with rising entrepreneurs will challenge you while simultaneously providing young companies the support they need to succeed. Get in touch if you’re interested in mentorship opportunities with our startups at Tech Wildcatters: