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It’s recruiting season and we want YOU!

We’re getting geared up for the fall class and reviewing all the applications received so far. With so many programs (accelerators, incubators, corporate, government, etc) out there, we thought you might like a guide to the one here at TW. So here it is…all your questions answered in one easy place.

Is An Accelerator Right For You?

Many startups have trouble continuing to find the necessary amount of funding after launching, mainly due to lack of connections. This is the point when the majority of startups fail and a big reason accelerators are attractive.  

The purpose of an accelerator is to guide your business through this stage, and help you become the independent company you strive to become. Partnering with an accelerator is an investment in your company and a valuable learning experience for you. The accelerator’s goal is to break your company free of the restraints holding it below your competition.